Created 19.03.2018

JC01 - Ramses the Great   (comments and feedback are most welcome and appreciated, please post here: forum topic link)

ramses minimap Setting: New Kingdom - Very large map - Not that hard

City: Thebes - Patron deity: Amun

Misssion or optional sandbox

CotN complete edition w. Alexandria

Download: Ramses the Great

Ramses, Son of Ra, beloved of Ma'at, you are young yet, but with great responsibilities and insurmountable tasks ahead of you. Thankfully you are no mere mortal, and Heh, the God of Infinity, has promised you a long life in this world.

These are troubled times. Renegade beduins, nubians on the brink of revolt, and the ever present threat of the Hittites, all disturb the peace of Egypt. Temples are in disrepair, Gods disregarded, old tombs forgotten, and the plains lay barren.

You must restore and secure an everlasting peace, build a great city that will reflect the glory of Egypt, provide proper worship opportunities and keep all your citizens content, and of course prepare a great pyramid for your journey to The Land of Two Fields.

Your engineers have gone ahead of you and prepared a site for your new city, with a canal and 2 harbours. Your royal scribes have arranged for you a supply of food and bricks, spend it wisely.

May Ma'at spread her wings above you!


I initially just wanted to make a nice big map for myself, with plenty of space and resources of all kinds readily available, so that I can build those huge cities that I'm so fond of. I needed a lot of world sites with propaganda option so that I can decorate with plenty of obelisks etc. I also like a landscape to look like a landscape, with all the vegetation and critters that belong there.

Then a theme developed, so it now has a 'mission' (with a win/loss). It works well for me, and I see that some people are still playing, new people downloading things, and sadly, most of all the scearios posted here lost to forum crash, so I thought I'd share it.

I used as many historically correct facts as I could. Added some freely invented for the sake of action. And took a few blatant liberties just because I can, after all this is a game, not a history lesson.

This can be used as a sandbox; a cheat code turns off the win/loss functions and also opens a few extra 'builder-only options'. Map has floodplain for 600 farmers. There are 71 world sites with 'bragging rights', 26 of which only opens via optional military efforts. Great works enabled.

For those of you who play with 'pop ups' turned off: A specific sound will alert you to the fact that you have a message in your tray (only in case of certain 'error messages').

Have fun :)

Built and tested on a 2015 Win 10, Intel Core i7, 4.2 GHz, 8 MB Cache, 24 GB DDR4 2133MHz, nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti 2G DDR5
Runs fine, no lag, no problems. (All settings high, except sky, and I use no shadows).

Educated workers: I predict that you will not be able to build a city big enough for this with the 35 educated workers allowed in the original game. A mod with 5 x educated (175 max) is available here

Pictures from scenario might have plazas you haven't seen before (and I can't predict what the one I used for the harbours will look like in your game). I use my own set of plazas, available here