Created 31.03.2018

JC02 - A Murder in Swenet (Bak 1)  
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ramses minimap
Setting: New Kingdom - Small map - Not that easy

City: Swenet - Patron deity: Set

CotN complete edition w. Alexandria

Download: zip with all files

You are Rekhmire, vizier of Pharaoh Thutmose III, sent to start a new settlement in Swenet and establish gold mines in Nubia.

And you will, but that's not all this scenario is about. Play it to find out.


Well, here goes my 2nd scenario. This time completely different.
I was inspired by Sakasiru's story telling in 'Realm of the Gods', and I'm a huge fan of Lauren Haney's (Betty Winkelman) books from Ancient egypt, the Lieutenant Bak series. So I got it into my head to write a 'second generation' story for CotN.
I had to make allowences for the limitations of CotN, and sadly, it's not possible to enter anything other than a Pharaoh's name in editor, but the name you can change yourself manually, and the titles of 'royal prince' you have to live with.
If anyone has half as much fun playing it, as I had writing and making it, it's worth an upload.

Along with the scenario, you will need 9 mp3-files, all included in the zip file. You can of course play the scenario without them, but that would be a shame. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT listen to them before you put them in your folder and play the scenario, as it sort of ruins the surprise. I PROMISE there are no cussing, profanities or anything else offensive in those files.
The mp3 files go in this directory: (wherever your game is)\Children of the Nile Complete\Data\Audio\Sounds\

Before you play the scenario, read the tips carefully.

For those of you who like to 'finish' a city: there's a little 'prize' for you after the win.

For those of you who play with 'pop ups' turned off: A specific sound will alert you to the fact that you have a message in your tray (only in case of certain 'error messages').

In order for the movie (plays at some point in the scenario) to NOT be interrupted by annoying system messages (like 'prestige is rising') you WILL need to play with pop-ups turned OFF (In Settings, under Interface, you can uncheck the box for 'show pop-up messages').

Oh, and a word of warning: The area where you're going used to be a limestone quarry, but was found to be not worth the trouble. An overseer there, a rather small man of foreign origin, experimented with a mixture of a yellow cosmetic powder, charcoal, and salt - only Horus knows why. Before he left, he buried whatever was left of the mixture in the ground. There used to be an old sign warning people not to put anything heavy there. Again, nobody knows why, and unfortunately the sign withered away long ago.

Have fun :)

Built and tested on a 2015 Win 10, Intel Core i7, 4.2 GHz, 8 MB Cache, 24 GB DDR4 2133MHz, nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti 2G DDR5
Runs fine, no lag, no problems. (All settings high, except sky, and I use no shadows).