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JC03 - Magic Island  
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ramses minimap
Setting: Middle Kingdom - Small map - Not that easy

City: Per-Neswet  -  Patron deity: Isis

CotN complete edition w. Alexandria

Download: zip with all files

You are Pharaoh Mentuhotep II, but only Pharaoh by name. Egypt is in chaos, each city ruled by a local Lord. Temples are untended, in disrepair, or have been robbed by marauders. No man has yet proved strong or powerful enough to take charge of and unify the country, but you aim to do so.
It is too soon for you to build an army. First you must have a solid base, and secure the support of the Gods and the people of Egypt.
For now, you are heading for a peaceful part of the nile, where you will start a new capital and gather allies for the struggle ahead, and of course build the obligatory large pyramid for your journey to the Land of Two Fields.

In the middle of the Nile is an island. A sacred and magical island. It is ruled by an unknown deity. It may be of help.


Is anybody here old enough to remember the 80's, when Sierra gave us King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest and Leisure Suit Larry? They had graphics but were text driven games (for DOS), where you had to type in text to get action, and the right text. Coming up with what to write was a task, if English wasn't your first language even more so. I had a blast !

The infantile or nostalgic (take you pick) part of me has devised a scenario that brings back a little bit of that adventure. Lots of little eggs for movie fans too.

The basics of this scenario is of course building a city and trading on the world level, in the usual way. That's what we do. How you go about finding things to do here will be, well, different :)

Along with the scenario, you will need 31 sound files, a background image, and a world map, all included in the zip file. You will not be able to play the scenario without them.
Do yourself a favour and DO NOT listen to the sound files before you put them in your folder and play the scenario, as it sort of ruins the surprise. I PROMISE there are no profanities or anything else offensive in those files.

The sound files go in this folder: (wherever your game is)\Children of the Nile Complete\Data\Audio\Sounds\

World map ( goes here: ...\Children of the Nile Complete\Data\Graphics\world level\map\

The image (MagicIsland.tga) goes in the same folder as the scenario.

The zip file is divided into same folders, so should be easy to move/copy.

You should play with pop-ups turned OFF (In Settings, under Interface, you can uncheck the box for 'show pop-up messages') or sound files/scenario can get interrupted, making it hard for you to follow the story. When they ARE turned off, a specific sound will alert you to the fact that you have a message in your tray (certain alerts and 'error messages').

Before you play the scenario, read the tips carefully! And you may want to have pen and paper at hand while playing.

Have fun :)

Built and tested on a 2015 Win 10, Intel Core i7, 4.2 GHz, 8 MB Cache, 24 GB DDR4 2133MHz, nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti 2G DDR5
Runs fine, no lag, no problems. (All settings high, except sky, and I use no shadows).