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JC07 - Waterworld

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    Setting: New Kingdom - Medium map - Easy

    City: Per-Wadjet - Patron deity: Hapi

    CotN complete edition w. Alexandria

World map

You are Horirem, the elder son of the noble Bau. Your father, tired of the constant political squabbles of the capital, planned to retire in a remote and quiet area of the delta. His plans were to re-establish the town of Per-Wadjet, which previously had so many raids that everybody left. Now the area has been peaceful for a long time, and it is a lovely lush place with papyrus aplenty, which is always in high demand.

As you and your family were on your way to Per-Wadjet, disaster struck: Brigands raided the village you were camped in, and, probably disappointed in the meager results of the raid, they abducted your father. After the brigands were gone, you found a scroll in your father's tent:
"To the son of Bau. We have your father. If you want to see him again, you must pay a generous amount of gold and turquoise. We realize it might take you some time to raise that, but we will take excellent care of him in the meantime. Bansabira"
Who or what is Bansabira? Where might you find him or it? How much is 'a generous amount'? And how are you to raise it?

Your way ahead is clear: You must establish the city that your father had planned, with 6 nobles, which should enable you to raise the ransom. You will build a temple to Hapi, the patron of your father and now also of the new city, that she may grant her help. Then you will search the world outside your nome for any information that might lead you to the place your father is held.

May Hapi bless you with good floods.


So, here's a simple little scenario. Shouldn't be too much trouble for anyone ;)

Bring your wellies.

Have fun :)

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