Created 2015

I had little use for most of the plazas in the original package, so found a few from other users, and made some myself.
These are the ones I use:

Plaza 1(a) Plaza b(b) Plaza c(c)
Plaza d(d) Plaza g(g) Plaza h(h)
Plaza i(i) Plaza j(j)

'a' and 'h' are original from game, 'd' is some very nice water from janmar I believe, 'b,c,g'tiles not sure except I changed colors on them, 'i' and 'j' I made recently.

The grass especially is very handy under trees and such, where building has messed up the original grass cover. I find I always need a lake, hence the water tile.


all these tiles are in a zip file here

In order to replace any of these tiles, you find the originals here:  your directory...\Children of the Nile Complete\Data\Graphics\terraintextures
first save the original file to a safe folder, then replace with the file of your choice.

In order to be able to find them in your menu in the game, you can change the text of the menu (this is for version 1.3 and later) in 
----\Children of the Nile Complete\Data\languagetext.txt , which is a text file easy to edit.

This is how the files correspond to place in menu:
line in txt file menu number file name
505 5 plaza_g_1.DDS
506 6
507 7
508 8 plaza_j_1.DDS
40865 1
40866 2 plaza_a_1.DDS
40867 3 plaza_b_1.DDS
40868 4 plaza_c_1.DDS

and this is how I changed mine to fit my tiles:

Should you happen to want all of these 8 tiles and none but (and have version 1.3 or later) you can save yourself the trouble of editing the language.txt file and download mine  (menu is only thing changed in it), you still have to download and replace the plaza files. Don't forget to save the original one first in a safe folder, should you ever need it.