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This is a listing of every scenario in the complete game pack, and any and all user created scenarios I have been able to find anywhere. Sadly there were so many lost due to forum crash/hack.
Each and every link here works, as do the files at the end of the link. I have not played each game, but I have opened them in CotN and checked that they run (hence the minimap).
I will try to keep an eye on them. Should more files get lost, I now have all of these downloaded, and will re-upload them here if needed.
As long as you have the Complete version of CotN, or the Enhanced with Alexandria, you should have no problem playing any or all of these scenarios.

Below are two tables, one for the game-pack scenarios, one for user created scenarios. Both tables are sortable. Just click on a header to sort ascending, click again to sort descending.

The 'rate of difficulty' is a tricky business. It's what the author estimated. Your experience might be different.
Don't bite my head off when text/year/Pharaoh/timeline don't match up. I did not write (most of) these, I just put before you what's in the files.
The brief is either directly from the story of the scenario, or from the author's post or presentation.
Links to forum posts are added when found.

Hopefully there will be more, I will try to keep track and add them here if any new ones pop up.


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Period Brief
1.7 MB Abu Tilted Mill 175x175 Hard Middle Kingdom The lands of Nubia are rich in many things, especially the coveted golden skin of Ra. As Pharaoh of the Nile, why do you not hold dominion there as well as Egypt? Nubian gold is yours by right. It will be a difficult campaign, but the strength of your armies is unquestioned. Drive back the forces of the Nubians, destroy their fortresses, and subdue their capital. Your lands abound in granite; use it to record your achievements, to preserve the legend of your greatness for generations to come.
0.8 MB Alexandria (in pack) ? 125x125 ? Greek period Your throne is secure, oh great Pharaoh, and your predecessors have created a valuable port city at Pharos, whose mighty lighthouse beckons to all. Now it is time to create your capital and cement the legacy of your lineage. Establish a massive city with trade routes to all the other major cities. This city's greatness will echo through the ages, as it becomes a gathering place for traders and scholars from across the known world!
2.5 MB Asyut Tilted Mill 225x225 Moderate 2nd intermediate The Hyksos may disrupt the peace of the north if they like, but by Anubis, it will be short lived! Far up the Nile, you have shown great foresight in making your capital at Asyut. Regain the mines and quarries of your kingdom, and bring the wealth to your capital. The Hyksos will not last long without resources from your domain.
2.8 MB Bubastis Tilted Mill 175x175 Easy 1st intermediate False kings who masquerade as pharaohs, pale shadows of your immortal self, continue to squabble in the south. You must dispel these shades in the brilliant glory of the true god-king. The rich loam of the fertile delta will nourish your grand capital and solidify your rule of the North.
0.9 MB Daughter of Isis (in pack) ? 175x175 sandbox
2.1 MB Djedu Tilted Mill 175x175 Easy New Kingdom The borders of Egypt are secure, and the time has come to look far beyond them. Your name must sound from the lips of every person in the world. It is time our ships sailed the vast ocean encircling Africa. Mark the achievement on great monuments for all your people to see, so that they might know the extent of your magnificence. Djedu, your capital, will be a living testament to your vision and your reach.
0.5 MB Giza Complete (in pack) Jimaaten 130x130 ? Old Kingdom The ancient Egyptians called this area Imentet -- "the West". The large limestone plateaus make this an ideal area to build a great necropolis. Unite Egypt while building lasting monument to your family's greatness.
1.3 MB Henen-Nesu Tilted Mill 175x175 Moderate 1st intermediate Lower Egypt has been sundered from the Upper Kingdom for long enough. You are the only rightful ruler of the Two Lands, Pharaoh, and it is time you again wore the Double Crown. You must wage an epic campaign to reunite the kingdoms. A great city will serve as the forge for your mighty army that will in turn force the rabble and false kings of Lower Egypt to surrender the Red Crown.
2.8 MB Itjtawy Tilted Mill 175x175 Easy Middle Kingdom Restored to unity and prosperity, Egypt now turns toward a time of grand exploration and marvelous projects. Your people are eager to serve you and to shape the world by your design. The Nile is long, and the world vast. Many unknown areas await exploration. Opportunities are everywhere. Gather your resources together from afar and grow your capital.
1.1 MB Iunet Tilted Mill 125x125 Hard 1st intermediate Unrest and disunity have plagued Egypt for far too long. You will wield both masterful diplomacy and military power to restore order to the land and return glory to your throne. This region's rich deposits of gold will provide the perfect means to secure whatever your campaign requires. Re-establish lost trade routes and restore severed contacts with your old allies, and put their raw materials to good use.
2.0 MB Iunu Tilted Mill 175x175 Easy 2nd intermediate The incessant fighting of the minor kingdoms is passing. Now what is needed is a beacon to show the true path to a rejuvenated Egypt. Egypt's cities are wounded, but one can be restored to greatness as capital of your realm. The justice of Ma'at has fled Iunu, and it will take a firm hand to guide the future of the city. Your people are desperate for the leadership that only you can provide. Nurture them, restore their homeland, and establish law and order once more.
2.0 MB Khmun Tilted Mill 225x225 Moderate New Kingdom Your people are prosperous. They want nothing, except to devise new projects grand enough to magnify your name. Under your benevolent hand, and with the wisdom of Thoth, Khmun can become a vast nexus of knowledge. Pharaoh, you hold the great web of trade and alliances that extends from Egypt throughout the world. Do not let these threads fall loose.
2.3 MB Men-Nefer Tilted Mill 225x225 Hard Old Kingdom The two kingdoms of the Nile are as one, and you are to be Egypt's first ruler. The primacy of the first Pharaoh must be assured. Your tomb shall bear witness to your greatness, and shall be the most magnificent monument the world has ever seen - a pyramid to stand for all eternity!
0.6 MB Naukratis (in pack) ? 125x125 ? Greek period Alexander the Great has conquered much of the known world, and now he extends his reach into Persia. He has left you in charge of Egypt, but not all the nomarchs are sure of your place. You will need to convince them of your worth to do what Alexander requires of you. Help Alexander defeat the Persians by supplying his armies with food and weapons, and establish control of Persia through the construction of new cities in his name. Once Persia is secure, you will lay the foundation for a new capital of Egypt at Alexandria.
1.5 MB Nekhen Tilted Mill 225x225 Easy Old Kingdom Egypt is vast and powerful beyond the imaginings of our ancestors. Now, this great nation needs a grand city to serve as its capital and attest to your glory. This fertile region of the Nile is an ideal location for a great city, with ample resources and a vast flood plain - the perfect soil in which to grow your capital.
0.5 MB Nubt Tilted Mill 125x125 Moderate Old Kingdom The dawn of Egypt's history casts a favorable glow on grand ambitions. In this fresh light, your unwavering gaze turns to the opportunity and fame your power can bring to Egypt from the lands outside our borders. Raiders from Nubia threaten the south. Peace is needed to keep the lands of the Nile stable and prosperous. A great army might defeat this threat, but sometimes it is wiser to look beyond the power of spear and shield.
1.4 MB Pharos (in pack) ? 125x125 ? Greek period Alexander the Great has died, and you have taken control of all Egypt in his stead. The beginnings of a great city grow on the shore line near Pharos. It is now time to create a thriving port and secure its trade routes. The loss of a great leader like Alexander will inevitably lead to instability, so you must defend your new empire against outside threats, while you work to establish your new port through the construction of the greatest lighthouse the world has ever seen.
2.5 MB Pi-Ramesse Tilted Mill 175x175 Hard New Kingdom Egypt is once again ascendant in the world, but there are those who would throw her back down, if given the chance. The Nile Delta shall serve as your new capital. Cultivate it wisely, for it will take much to fend off Egypt's enemies. The powers of Asia must be made to bow before Pharaoh and no longer allowed to threaten the Nile, as the Hyksos did to our fathers.
0.2 MB Sanctuary (in pack) Nyarlahotep 100x100 ? Old Kingdom A year after ascending to Godhood as Pharaoh, Khufu has heard tales of several rich oases in the Western Desert and has sent out a party to explore. Returning parched and battered, they have found only one, the Kharga Oasis, but have heard of at least three more. You are being sent to Kharga to establish a city to exploit its rich resources and continue to search for the other oases.
1.9 MB Shedet Tilted Mill 175x175 Hard 2nd intermediate Foreign kings and outside influences have brought chaos to Egypt, but you shall retake what is yours. O Beloved of Ra, you are beset on all sides by counterfeit pharaohs. Nipping at the heels of your kingdom, feeding upon your glory, these usurpers must be crushed before they have their fill. Secure your supply lines, and forge a strong capital.
1.6 MB Sheshonq's Redemption (in pack) ? 175x175 Hard 3rd intermediate Your Father, Sheshonq II, has died, and you and your brother, Osorkon, now vie for the crown of Egypt. The brother who can win the hearts of Egypt fastest will be the one that wins the crown. Osorkon has a head start, with his seat at Djanet, but you have found a very good location to build your own city and your cunning and might will bring the loyalty of Egypt to your side for sure.
3.6 MB Son of Ra (in pack) ? 250x250 sandbox
1.2 MB The Hyksos Pharaoh (in pack) ? 125x125 Hard 2nd intermediate Your might is renowned across the sea, but you are little known in Egypt. Now that you have gained control of an area in the Nile Delta, you may establish a capital in Avaris. From there, you will continue your conquest up the Nile. Your military might and skillful leadership will ensure your victory on the battlefield, but only a true claim to the throne, gained through marriage, can legitimize your reign.
0.5 MB Thutmosem III (in pack) Tom Nobles 150x150 Moderate New Kingdom You have survived the reign of your regent, stepmother and aunt, Hatshepsut and have been left with the title of sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Thutmose III, you are a young man now and your kingdom is being challenged by the King of Kadesh, allying with the kingdoms of Mitanni and Megiddo. With your scribe and commander Tjaneni present to record your battles you will be known as King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, Menkheperre, Son of Re.
0.9 MB Voice of Sobek (in pack) ? 175x175 sandbox
2.3 MB Waset Tilted Mill 225x225 Moderate Middle Kingdom The dark days are done. Egypt is united and poised to blossom once more. Now the people cry out for their gods to be venerated properly, at last. The fertile floodplains and grasslands near Waset are the perfect location to build a new capital for this age of glory. It is a prosperous time, but not without risks. Fortresses guard your trade routes as merchants ply their goods along the Nile.

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A WORD OF WARNING: Use the link on the NAME of the file. Whatever files or linked files you may find in the forum posts have mostly been rendered empty or invalid by the crash.
Minimap Scn
Scenario Forum
Author Date
(or main character)
Period Brief
1.0 MB A Barrel of Monkeys Post Thegrad 1/27/2008 100x100 Easy Ay Middle Kingdom Your brother has always been jealous of you, because you are the heir to the throne, This time he has gone too far. He has stolen the Great Seal and joined forces with the Hyksos , who in turn has joined forces with the Libyans. The priest has sided with your brother and have started a rebellion in the south. This can not be, you must control the south.
2.4 MB A Daughter of Kings Post Azeem (Ogedei) 2/22/2007 225x225 Moderate Hatshepsut New Kingdom Pharaoh has passed away. Thutmose III is the heir to the throne of the kingdom. However, he is too young to handle administrative affairs himself and thus the kingdom is in danger of being run by the less scrupulous of administrators who might take advantage of the situation. Hatshepsut, aunt to Thutmose III, is fully aware of this predicament, but what could a woman do in a world where only men are made kings?
1.2 MB A Murder in Swenet (Bak 1) Post Jytte (Ubekhet) 3/31/2018 200x200 Easy (Vizier Rekhmire) New Kingdom You are Rekhmire, vizier of Pharaoh Thutmose III, sent to start a new settlement in Swenet and establish gold mines in Nubia. And you will, but that's not all this scenario is about. Play it to find out.
5.8 MB A New Day Dawns Post Wati 1/19/2013 250x250 Hard 3rd intermediate Kemet has been divided for generations. The High Priests of Amun gained so much power they began to control even Pharaoh himself. Enough of that! Upon your ascension to Pharaoh, you wisely rejected the traditional hereditary appointments of the priests and have placed your own family members as leaders of both the priesthood and the military. This action has assured that every nome in Kemet is under your control.
0.6 MB A New Nubia Post Yahya 7/24/2007 100x100 Moderate 3rd intermediate Alara has passed, and it is your time, Kashta, to serve as the Kushite Pharaoh. Egypt is crumbling, and the time to exert our political power over Upper Egypt is now! It is your advisors' belief that through several political maneuvers, you can develop a strong power base in Upper Egypt, and allow the Kushite influence to surge farther north into Lower Egypt, to spread Kushite glory ever farther!
1.6 MB Abydos Post Thegrad 9/28/2006 300x300 Moderate Djer Old Kingdom This is a fictional scenario of the adventures in the life of Pharaoh Djer. Any historical facts are coincidental.
0.8 MB Achet Khufu Post Jytte (Ubekhet) 3/9/2019 200x200 Hard (Architect Hemiunu) Old Kingdom You are Hemiunu, architect of Pharaoh Khnum Khufu. You have been put in charge of building Khnum Khufu's pyramid complex at Imentet. Pharaoh has very specific requirements for this complex, and failing to fulfill his wishes will result in early retirement in rather less than comfortable circumstances. You will have maximum 20 years to finish this project.
1.5 MB Alexandria (Thegrad)

(careful, same name as game in pack, but it is NOT the same game!)
Thegrad 5/28/2006 400x400 Moderate Cleopatra VII Roman period This is a scenario of Cleopratra's journey up the nile. Bringing her people together and building monuments and temples
2.0 MB Citadel Post Sakasiru 6/2/2008 200x200 Hard Old Kingdom The pharaoh has died, may he live forever on the realms of his divine ancestors. You, as His trusted consultant of many years will live on to serve His heir, His now 6-year old son, praised be the new divine king, son of the sun. But since other members of His family are not so benevolent towards Him, you have decided to found a new capital down the nile in the delta.
0.6 MB Dahshur Post Thegrad 8/4/2006 150x150 Moderate Snefru Old Kingdom In this scenario You will re-create the battles and build the monuments of Snefru.
0.7 MB Dakhia Oasis Post Thegrad 2/7/2008 100x100 Moderate Middle Kingdom The Pharaoh of the Two Lands has sent you , his Vizier, on a mission to check out the rumors, that the Dakhia Oasis abounds in rich ore deposits. If the rumors are true, you are to send him a steady supply of any minerals you find. While you are away he would like for you to build his final resting place, and build monuments to his reign.
0.9 MB Distant Goddess 1 Post LisaMockingbird 8/5/2007 125x125 ? Predynastic Hathor’s Emergence or ‘Daddy's Little Girl’: Hathor has finished a few tasks for her father Ra and finds herself with some free time on her hands. Hathor installs you to lead your people in building a nice little city to be called Per-Re (aka Iunu or Heliopolis - near what is modern day Cairo first built maybe around 2900 bc)
0.9 MB Distant Goddess 2 Post LisaMockingbird 8/5/2007 140x140 ? Predynastic Hathor’s Conquest or ‘'Men are liable to drive you nuts' or "Ra, Ptah, Thoth, Horus, Sobek ... get your stories straight ..."… Choose one : a. father, b. husband, c. son, d. ALL of the above, e. NONE of the above
1.6 MB Distant Goddess 3 Post LisaMockingbird 8/5/2007 140x140 ? Predynastic Hathor's Ascension or 'Pray for me and I'm out of here' More years have passed since the war with the pretenders. In god terms but a brief span. Hathor is still angry with Ra and has been seeking a way to flee Egypt. She figures she has another 50 years or so before Ra notices that you've destroyed his minions (he's not 'hands on' like Hathor and truth be told - he's somewhat lazy).
4.8 MB Dream of Kmt Post Wati 12/1/2012 300x300 Hard Greek period Travelers, just one of many to have crashed on the great rock, have brought terrible news. Cleopatra is dead - by her own hand. Better that than to be tortured by the Roman oppressors. Caesarian, you understand, has already been taken captive to suffer that fate. As you spread the horrible news through the village, people begin to talk of a new Pharaoh. One who can restore Kmt to her former glory, return its cities to their traditional names, and bring Ma'at to the land.
0.04 MB Exile Post Sakasiru 8/2/2008 025x025 Moderate When your father died, you were still too young to rule the two kingdoms, so your uncle took over the reign. Shortly after, he declared himself pharaoh Amorphis III and ordered you to be sent away "to safety". You were brought to a small oasis with only a handful of servants, where you and your true companions must struggle for your lifes.
0.8 MB Farmville Post Tinkerbell 10/6/2007 150x150 Moderate Now for something totally different!
1.4 MB Heliopolis Post Thegrad 6/6/2007 150x150 Moderate Middle Kingdom Due to years of war's and internal strife, your brother and sister was taken from your care and hidden, Now your valley has become peaceful. Where can your family be? You set out on your mission to find your family and bring them home.
1.3 MB Huka'Darah Post Thesniperdevil 5/23/2009 130x130 ? The world has fragmented, the old alliances have been forgotten, and the great tombs are hidden under the sand. The people of Egypt lead unimportant and purposeless lives. This must end now. Build a magnificent city and reforge allainces so that we can form a trading centre and build a pyramid as your tomb, as a symbol of all that you have achieved. Give the people of Egypt a purpose again, and remove any who may try to stop you!
0.8 MB Huni 5 Post Thegrad 1/4/2008 100x100 Moderate Old Kingdom Pharaoh Khaba has passed over to Osiris. Now you must lead your people. Your family has been know as the pyramid builders, so you must follow their lead, your people await your command.
1.3 MB Imhotep Post Tom Nobles 6/18/2009 225x225 Hard (Vizier Imhotep) Old Kingdom In this scenario you'll be the Architect, High Priest, Scribe and Vizier to King Djoser. Test your managerial skills (will define micromanagement for you) with this scenario as you supervise priests, scribes and farmers of your nobles in service to your king.
1.0 MB King of Two Lands Post Tom Nobles 5/6/2008 160x160 Moderate Narmer Predynastic You Narmer (Menes) who founded the first dynasty of Egyptian kings, have now founded a new capital, Ankh-tawy and now take upon yourself the task of: - The unification of the two lands ….
3.6 MB Kingdom on the Nile 1.1 Post Azeem (Ogedei) 3/13/2006 250x250 sandbox (on 'Son of Ra' map)
1.5 MB Maatkare Post Jytte (Ubekhet) 12/27/2018 300x300 Moderate Hatshepsut New Kingdom You are Hatshepsut, Foremost of Noble Women, daughter of Pharaoh Thutmose I. For some years, you have been the Great Royal Wife of your rather weak and sickly brother, Thutmose II, with whom you have only a daughter, Neferure. But now a great disaster has fallen upon Kemet. An earthquake (?!), and the following fires, have destroyed Waset, and Thutmose II has died. Unfortunately, Thutmose III, your nephew and step-son, although destined to be Pharaoh, is only 5 years old. A dear boy, but much too young to rule Kemet. Thus it falls to you to rule in his place, as Regent of Kemet, until he comes of age, and to rebuild Waset to its former glory.
0.9 MB Magic Island Post Jytte (Ubekhet) 5/2/2018 200x200 Hard Mentuhotep II Middle Kingdom You are Pharaoh Mentuhotep II, but only Pharaoh by name. Egypt is in chaos, each city ruled by a local Lord. Temples are untended, in disrepair, or have been robbed by marauders. No man has yet proved strong or powerful enough to take charge of and unify the country, but you aim to do so. In the middle of the Nile is an island. A sacred and magical island. It is ruled by an unknown deity. It may be of help.
1.0 MB Mbizi Oasis Post Elizabethus II 4/30/2010 150x150 Moderate New Kingdom Pharaoh you are growing older and wiser. The recent wars near Thebes have tired you so you look west. You have decided to rebuild the Mbizi Oasis and you have sent workers ahead to announce your arrival at the once tranquil lake. They have returned to you promising that all is ready. But is it?
2.2 MB Menes Victory 2.2 Post Ironlion 3/13/2013 160x225 Moderate Narmer Early dynastic You are Narmer, called Menes, who is destined to unite the two kingdoms of Egypt together. You shall be the first to wear the double-crown, you shall be the first incarnation of the divine Horus to rule over all the land of Kemet. Its black soil will one day feed an entire empire, and it will bring your heirs untold riches, the like of which the world has never seen before. But first, you must conquer Lower Egypt.
0.5 MB Napata Post Thegrad 3/23/2007 100x100 Moderate Nubian Pharaoh Kashta was so devoted to the God Amun he built several temples to him. He even installed his daughter as Wife to the God at Thebes.
0.8 MB Nazlat al Fallahin
 (see note 1 at bottom)
Post Karter 6/6/2005 150x150 Moderate With all you have accomplished, it would seem some peace of mind would prevail, yet you grow restless and uneasy. You lack companionship, someone to share your glory with, but daunted by renewed rumours of Peleset Forces from the north, you have little time to dwell on this. Even with the looming Peleset threat, you have decided your capital city must be relocated to ensure a better rule.
1.0 MB Nile offline freeplay 225 Post Tom Nobles 6/9/2009 225x225 sandbox
2.8 MB Nile offline freeplay 400 Post Tom Nobles 6/9/2009 400x400 sandbox
0.9 MB Pharaoh takes a vacation (Gurob) Post Thegrad 1/8/2008 100x100 Moderate Ay New Kingdom The monument building for this Pharaoh in this scenairo is real. The rest is pure speculation of a Pharaoh's vacation.
4.0 MB Ramses the Great Post Jytte (Ubekhet) 3/19/2018 400x400 Moderate Ramses II New Kingdom Ramses, Son of Ra, beloved of Ma'at, you are young yet, but with great responsibilities and insurmountable tasks ahead of you. These are troubled times. Renegade beduins, nubians on the brink of revolt, and the ever present threat of the Hittites, all disturb the peace of Egypt. Temples are in disrepair, Gods disregarded, old tombs forgotten, and the plains lay barren. You must restore and secure an everlasting peace, build a great city that will reflect the glory of Egypt, provide proper worship opportunities and keep all your citizens content, and of course prepare a great pyramid for your journey to The Land of Two Fields.
0.6 MB Realm of The Gods Post Sakasiru 6/28/2009 150x150 Moderate You awaken after a sleep, that seemed to be deeper than any sleep you had before. Your head feels light. In fact, your body feels light, too. You arise, and find yourself inside a stone chamber. You know it, because you just visited it a month ago, as you inspected the progress of your burial tomb. Well, now you are here again, which means that you are dead.
1.0 MB Reign of Ptolemy II Post Tom Nobles 1/17/2009 175x175 ? Ptolemy II Greek period You will take the Egyptian name, Meryamun Setepenre, which means "Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Re". Your reign can be viewed only as successful, with the expansion of your possessions around the Mediterranean, the internal stability in Egypt, and the fulfillment of many of your father's imaginative projects, such as the Pharos Lighthouse and the Alexandrian University and Library.
0.8 MB Rhakotis
 (see note 1 at bottom)
Post Karter 5/2/2005 125x125 Moderate New Kingdom After countless raids by the Libyans you laid seige to one of their Sea Ports and brought about its downfall. In order to establish new trade routes and restore tranquility in the region, you have decided to rebuild this war battered city, and name it Rhakotis. In your wisdom, you know the first ten years to be crucial, in addition to repairing mines, quarries and buildings. you know a strong military presence and Treasury will be needed.
1.6 MB RjG II The Mysterious World Post RjG 12/21/2018 150x150 Hard Ramses II New Kingdom In this scenario you are "Ramses the Great!" ...aka... "RjG II". You are a young Pharaoh in a very mysterious land where nothing is normal. You have found an ideal area that is rich in resources and you have begun building your empire. Unfortunately many are not happy about your presence and they send Raiders day and night to attack and steal from you. Hopefully you are able to locate them and destroy them all. You must if you are to survive.
1.4 MB RjG The Floating Pyramid Post RjG 2/1/2016 150x150 Hard Mission: Complete the Floating Pyramid in the sky. Destroy the Enemy Site that is responsible for creating the Raiders Camp. Destroy the Raiders Camp. You must accomplish this before 1484 AD achet..(flood)
0.9 MB Sand Wars I Post Yahya 8/2/2007 150x150 Moderate It is a time of great societal happiness. The Triumvirate has ruled benevolently since our acquisition of power nearly twenty years ago. Egypt is overjoyed with the success of our rule. It is time that the three rulers of the Triumvirate - Khalfani the Elder, Ubaid the Bold, and you, Lord - moved their sister capital cities closer to the life-giving waters of the Nile. We have chosen this spot for our new city, and here we shall build it.
1.2 MB Sand Wars II Post Yahya 8/14/2007 150x150 Moderate The Triumvirate has withstood its first real test. Our coffers grow, and our Army is resilient. The nation of Egypt has never been stronger. Heir to one-third of the Triumvirate, Ammonmosi has grown into an intelligent and powerful young man. His military prowess might serve to grow our third of the Triumvirate into a major military power, strengthening Egypt, as well as our own power base.
1.2 MB Sand Wars III Yahya 1/6/2009 150x150 Moderate The Triumvirate has successfully maintained a delicate order for the past several years. The Grand War rages on, with all opponents kept in check only through the strength and resilience of the military. General Ammonmosi now leads the GRAND ARMY OF THE TRIUMVIRATE, battling all threats at every turn. Engagements have been won and lost.
0.6 MB Santorin Refuge Post Elizabethus II 6/24/2010 100x100 Moderate New Kingdom There has been an earthquake and associated tidal wave in the Mediterranean Sea near the island of Santorin. Many people have perished and many more are fleeing the area. Pharaoh you have been instructed to hurry to a place set aside to house these unfortunates. The site chosen is on higher ground on the banks of the Nile and should give the refugees confidence and security. It has been re-named Santorin in memory of the earthquake victims.
0.7 MB Saqqara Post Existenz 7/7/2005 100x100 Moderate Narmer Predynastic The year is 3000BC. You are Narmer, the first human Pharoah. To properly respect the Gods that have bestowed this honour on you you need to build a city dedicated to Horus.
0.3 MB Semna Dispatches Post Stringbags 12/8/2004 060x060 Hard Senusret III 1st intermediate Senusret III ruled between 1870-1831 BC. He subdued the Nubians by military action and set up military garrisons at Semna and Uronati where he also erected stela to warn the Nubian people that this was as far as they may travel. Forts at Mirigissa and Askut took advantage of local trade and acted as supply depots for the garrisons. Military scenario, defeat the Nubian raiders and build garrisons to protect your border.
1.5 MB Southern Forts of Semna Post Tom Nobles 4/16/2008 160x160 Moderate Senusret III Middle Kingdom You have ascended to the position of ultimate power as the 5th pharaoh of Egypt's 12th Dynasty. You, Senusret III, Son of Senusret II and Queen Khnemetneferhedjet I Weret, are to secure a new fixed southern border past the Second Cataract around Semna. Your people are eager to serve you and help you rech your goals.
1.3 MB The Barracks of Baki (Bak 2) Post Jytte (Ubekhet) 2/8/2019 250x250 Moderate (Vizier Rekhmire) New Kingdom You are Rekhmire, Vizier of Pharaoh Thutmose III. You have spent some years in Swenet, building up that outpost. Pharaoh was so pleased with your accomplishment, that he now wishes you to establish a garrison town in Wawat. You must build a fortified town, big enough to support platoons of spearmen, archers, charioteers and guards. Your orders are to uphold peace in the area, protect the caravan routes, and to support the Fort of Buhen, should it be needed. Might you manage this time without sinister happenings? Or will you need the help of Lieutenant Bak again?
0.5 MB The Exodus Elizabethus II 10/12/2012 150x150 Moderate New Kingdom The Israelite tribes have fled past the Egyptian system of border posts, through the Red Sea and into the desert, where they hopefully will avoid the persuing Egyptians. The influence of the Pharaoh has been left far behind and the people must struggle on regardless. Some still harbor some old beliefs but this will fade with time. They are headed for the Promised Land, Meanwhile to help the Exodus, you must establish a base from where they can refresh and prepare for their long journey.
1.1 MB The Heretic King (Akhenaten 1.1) Post Azeem (Ogedei) 7/27/2006 150x150 Hard Akhenaten Amarna period This is a semi-fictitious scenario set in the backdrop of the Amarna Period. The events in the game do not conform completely to history although it is intended to simulate some of the difficulties faced during the period. The map is a modified version TM's Akhetaten scenario but with a highly expanded and complex trigger system. Compared to many other of the built-in scenarios, this is a highly challenging scenario where even the most experienced players can totally crash and burn and lose.
0.8 MB The Keep
 (see note 1 at bottom)
Post Karter 3/1/2007 150x150 Moderate New Kingdom Grieved by your beloved Pharaoh Fathers recent death, you now dorn his mantle and burden his responsiblities. To ensure his Immortality in the AfterWorld, you vow to take his remains to the legendary grounds of "The Keep". Where you will prepare his burial tomb and seek out the lost scrolls of "The Old Ones".
1.4 MB The Outpost Post EmperorJay 1/12/2004 200x200 Moderate Old Kingdom This is your first assignment Djadao. Pharaoh Khufu has faith in you, this Pharaoh is wise, he would not have sent you, if he did not believe you would make it. The region is peaceful, Egypt is peaceful, trade is flourishing. Grab this opportunity with both hands and bring this mission to a success.
1.3 MB The Tyranny of The Gods Post Gordon Farrell 4/1/2005 175x175 Hard Amenhotep III New Kingdom You are Amenhotep III. And you, my lord, live in an entirely different age. The far-flung realms that you govern, once subdued by your great ancestors, now begin to stir again, chafing to throw off your divine authority. Worse, there are enemies within Egypt itself who have risen to challenge your scepter, enemies who can only be spoken of in hushed tones and in darkened rooms, less their hand reach out to crush those who challenge them.
0.7 MB The War Games Post Thegrad 11/16/2007 100x100 Moderate Old Kingdom Everyone was happy is the land of Egypt. The Children of the Nile had endured many hardships and had come through all of them. Now the fourth Caesar of Rome has overrun the country of Lybia and are using their help in an invasion of Egypt.
0.6 MBThutmosis III -2
(extract with 7-Zip)
PostTom Nobles5/31/2008150x150ModerateThutmosis IIINew KingdomIn Thutmose III - Part One, you took control of Egypt by quelling the resistance at Megiddo and pushed your borders beyond the Euphrates, making you the pharoah that made Egypt an Empire. Well Menkheperre (real name), it's time to complete your 54 year reign by expanding your borders south to the fourth cataract (oops, map only goes to the third) and complete your work for the Gods while building for your noble class. You'll build tombs for your viser and scribes at the Valley of the Nobles and continue with your own at the Valley of the Kings. Naturally you'll have to honor the Amun triad.
0.4 MB Timbuktu Post Thegrad 5/24/2007 150x150 Moderate Late period A band of desert dwellers,known as theTuareg nomads, has made you their leader. Through your wandering's you have found an oasis on a trade route that looks large enough to support your people. With your leadership your people can make this trading post into a thriving city.
0.8 MB Valley of Tjemhu
 (see note 1 at bottom)
Post Karter 2/28/2005 125x125 Moderate 3rd intermediate Overhearing your deeply troubled advisors, "..contracted a case of the mind robbing Pox, he has", they say. "Sending architects into the Valley of Tjemhu, dredging canals, digging endless miles of empty ditchs. Building, supposedly, an elaborate water system, which is to bring forth the life giving waters of the NIle to the inner, hostile, mineral rich land ...Mad he is, Oooh, hopelessly mad our Pharaoh has gone... We are all doomed..". You decide to journey to this valley, decreeing the following tasks, to prove your sanity, and claim your rightful heir to the Throne, as Pharaoh ruler of all Eygpt.
1.1 MB Valley of Tranquility Post Elizabethus II 5/28/2010 150x150 Moderate Middle Kingdom Tranquility and prosperity often go hand in hand and it is to this beautiful but deserted valley that you have been sent. You will achieve both prosperity and tranquility if you keep your elite happy and content. Nobles from all over Egypt will choose your valley in which to retire if you can show them that they are safe and that their journey to the afterlife is provided for. Many educated people wish to help you.
0.05 MB Very hard sandbox Post Sakasiru 5/19/2010 080x080 sandbox
4.0 MBWaterworld  NEWPostJytte (Ubekhet)3/24/2019300x300Easy(Horirem)New KingdomYou are Horirem, the elder son of the noble Bau. You were on your way to establish Per-Wadjet, as your father was kidnapped. Your way ahead is clear: You must establish the city that your father had planned, with 6 nobles, which should enable you to raise the ransom. You will build a temple to Hapi, the patron of your father and now also of the new city, that she may grant her help. Then you will search the world outside your nome for any information that might lead you to the place your father is held.

Note 1) On the install files from Karter: They may not work they way you expect them to (remember they were made a very long time ago).
Advice: Install to a temporary folder, then move the files where they belong/ you want them (it will install into subfolders making that easy).

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